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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by Rachel Cosgrove

Ah New Years Resolution Time! I love this time of year! I know there has been some back lash against New Years Resolutions and “starting a diet” or a workout plan this time of year but I actually think January & February is the most wonderful time of the year to start! What a great time to make a change! Whether it’s a change in your diet, your lifestyle, or your business. Someday is today!

I personally love to reflect this time of year as the holidays come to an end and the excitement of what the New Year holds is ahead of us and, yes, set some goals! No you don’t have to wait until the New Year but why not take advantage of the renewed energy of a brand new year. It’s a blank canvas to decide what you want to do, experience, accomplish, create, conquer and contribute to!

I first learned about goal setting when I did a one-year course with business and life philosopher, Jim Rohn in 2000 and it was life changing. Goal setting is one of my favorite topics. Every year I take our team at the gym through a goal setting workshop and help them create their own vision boards. The first time a new team member does it with me they think it’s “woo woo” and silly but then they realize how powerful it can be and start to get into it. I love seeing the goals they wrote down and pictures on their boards become a reality. Anything is possible.

This time of year we usually get about 50 new members at Results Fitness in January & February who are excited and ready to make a change. Because they do it right, and have a Results Fitness coach show them the path to long-term change and success, their New Years Resolution becomes a life changing decision. It’s so exciting!

I love looking over the list of new members who joined this time last year to see how everyone is doing and am always delighted to realize that they are all still going strong, have made huge strides in their health and fitness, most have completely transformed themselves in a year and are ready to tackle new goals.  In fact a number of our biggest transformation stories over the years started at the New Year and have continued for years and years and I anticipate for the rest of their lives!

We host our annual transformation contest this time of year, Get Back in the Game 2015, and use it to help new members to get started but also to give our current members extra motivation and a goal to peak for. Year round our gym has a really great supportive vibe but this time of year even more so the gym is full of energy, inspiration and motivation and I just love it! This challenge is the catalyst to so many people in our community committing to themselves, to their team and to us and it is powerful!

For 2015 we decided to go big and give our members something to really strive for. Honestly I can’t believe we are doing this but we are giving away a trip to Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island to the member of our gym who makes the biggest transformation! If you are a member of our gym, why not join in and use not only the New Year but this contest and the amazing grand prize which is THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME to get to that next level? I would!

We also use a formula that allows someone who is already fit and in great shape (most of our members) to be competitive against someone who has never worked out and is just getting started. It is based on your percentage of change. HINT: So there is no reason to try to fatten up, eating a bunch of junk heading into it thinking it will give you an advantage. It won’t. Actually the people who do that don’t do as well because they have to drop the bloat first (which you don’t get credit for in our contest) and get their metabolism going before they start to tap into dropping fat and gaining muscle (which you do get credit for). You are much better off heading into this contest with some momentum, already eating well and training hard and use it to push yourself to the next level.

I can’t wait to kick this contest off on January 22nd and meet all of our new Results Fitness members to help them get started along with seeing our current members super motivated, focused and driven to take themselves to the next level and have the chance to win an amazing trip! The energy, excitement and motivation is going to be infectious!

I may as well take advantage myself of this infectious energy and lead by example…I have to say this year I’m feeling pretty motivated to kick it in to high gear too. With my 40th birthday only 12 weeks away it’s a motivating goal to enter into my 40’s in the best shape of my life.

One thing I like to do every year is not only set goals but also set myself a theme for the year…Last year my theme was fun and fun I had! I traveled to Sao Paulo and Rio, Brazil with one of my best girlfriends for a little bit of work and a lot of fun, then to Glasgow, Scotland with my husband which is where he was born, where we spent two weeks enjoying the Glaswegian’s sense of fun including food, drink and a great sense of humor. We then headed to London to shop til we dropped and enjoy some of the best meals we’ve ever had. I spent a week in a beach house with good friends living the beach life and then had a vacation on a private island (the same one we’re giving away!) doing everything from zip lining, paddle boarding, boating, snorkeling and relaxing. I also got in touch with and spent more time with quite a few friends, enjoying more “Happy Hours” than past years…and have definitely been more relaxed with my nutrition choices and adult beverage consumption and it’s definitely been a really fun year!

This year I’m ready to shift gears (while of course keeping some of the fun still an underlying theme) my new theme for 2015 is going to be – Go Lean. This isn’t just about my body. This is about going lean in life, simplifying, eliminating excess baggage, going lean with finances, getting rid of stuff I don’t need anymore, focusing on doing less with a higher quality and clearing out the clutter!

With our new company, Results Fitness University, growing as quickly as it has been I’m planning to solely focus on just that, helping trainers to join our mission to change the way fitness is done along with continuing to be involved at the gym of course. This means eliminating other distractions to change more lives!

This theme idea of “Go Lean” came from Darren Hardy, one of my favorite speakers and writers along with publisher of my favorite magazine, Success Magazine, who mentioned it was a theme of his at one point. Then a friend recommended a book to me giving me some new ideas on decluttering that I’m anxious to follow through on – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing  I think I’ll start by taking a load of of stuff to Goodwill this weekend…

One of my rules – never leave the site of setting a goal without taking action immediately.

After a year of maybe a little too much fun (is there such a thing?) balancing it out with a year of going lean is just what I’m craving. Go Lean in 2015! How about you? What’s your theme for 2015?

Here’s to a healthy, happy & prosperous 2015!

Train hard, stay focused & enjoy the journey,


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